Owner Ryan McGrath (right) and another Superior Shucker gearing up for an event

It’s official—Our 100,000th bushel was recycled from Superior Oyster Shuckers, and here’s what owner Ryan McGrath had to say about it:

“When we were informed that we provided the 100,000th bushel of oyster shell to the Oyster Recovery Partnership we were ecstatic! We’re honored to be part of a wonderful program that helps out the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s local oyster population.

We were raised to take only what we need and recycle where we can to help preserve what we enjoy for future generations. ORP does just that for our small business, while educating the public on the importance of oyster shell recycling. We proudly display their signage at our events and encourage others to do the same. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this huge milestone and we look forward to providing many more bushels in the future.”

From all of us at ORP, THANK YOU, Ryan!