oldlineblogpostThe Annapolis-based Oyster Recovery Partnership has launched Old Line Fish Company, the region’s first Community Supported Fishery (CSF), to connect Annapolis residents with seafood harvested by Maryland watermen and seafood farmers. Subscribers will receive bi-weekly deliveries consisting of three to four pounds of fresh seafood harvested the week of its delivery.

“This direct-to-consumer approach is a way for seafood lovers to connect more closely with the people catching and raising seafood in Maryland waters,” said Stephan Abel, executive director of the Oyster Recovery Partnership. “It’s a way to help maintain the Bay’s seafood heritage and help consumers who like to know exactly where their seafood comes from.”

Old Line Fish Company CSF subscribers purchase shares for $225 and receive five bi-weekly deliveries, consisting of Bay favorites such as filleted rockfish, crab meat, oysters and lesser known fish species as well. Old Line is partnering with select Maryland watermen to provide the seafood and with the Annapolis-based Fox Boys Hospitality Group for assistance in packaging the seafood and providing recipes. The pilot phase is in Annapolis, but OLFC plans to add additional Maryland distribution sites over the next year.

The Community Supported Fishery is modeled after community supported agriculture programs that link consumers with vegetables and fruit from local farms. Other CSFs have been established on the West Coast and in New England.

By purchasing a share in the CSF, residents are helping watermen maintain their livelihood and preserve the cultural and economic vitality of Maryland, the “Old Line” state. Shares can be purchased by visiting www.oldlinefish.com. Distributions will begin on June 2.