Bay Paddle 200 Challenge

Copy of Copy of BP200Join the Bay Paddle 200 Challenge – #BayPaddle200!

Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, cyclist, Crossfittter, yogini, lifter, stand-up paddleboarder, or just looking for a reason to be active, you’re invited to participate in the Bay Paddle 200 Challenge and complete your own 200+ fitness challenge! Kicking off Memorial Day Weekend 2020 and lasting until the official Bay Paddle launch on September 18, this challenge is about personal accountability and creating an active and supportive virtual community – all to raise awareness about the water-quality benefits oysters provide to the Chesapeake Bay!

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Bay Paddle 200 Training Partners

We all know that “we get by with a litttle help from our friends.” To ensure we stay safe, the Bay Paddle team reached out to some of our favorite activity partners for goal suggestions and training regimens that you can use right now, free of charge.

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200-Mile Running Training Program


Here’s how the #BayPaddle200 Challenge works:

  1. To officially join the Bay Paddle 200 Challenge, create an account using the form below. To demonstrate that you’ve got “skin in the game” we suggest a $10 donation to get started. $10 plants 100 oysters in the Bay.
  2. Playing off of the Bay Paddle Team’s 200 mile paddleboard, set your own SMART (safe/specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) #BP200 goal. In the given timeframe you could:
    – Do a 200+ mile paddleboard,
    – Run 200 miles,
    – Spend 200 hours practicing yoga,
    – Work your way up to a 200 lb. bench press,
    – Complete a double century cycling challenge,
    It’s up to you!
    We only ask that you clearly articulate a goal so that we can cheer for you along the way – and celebrate you when you’ve achieved it!
  3. Track your efforts. This is a group of honest folks, and yet we still we recommend keeping track of the dates, times, distances, pounds, miles, whatever metrics are relevant for your #BayPaddle200 goal using a notebook or spreadsheet. Tracking your progress helps you feel the full impact of your accomplishment!
  4. Don’t over do it – there are 126 days between Memorial Day (May 25) – Sept 18, that’s plenty of time to safely achieve your #BayPaddle200 goal.
  5. Have fun – it’s summertime, after all! Post pictures of your activities on social media using the hashtag #BayPaddle200.
  6. Go the extra mile… If you donate $200 AND complete the #BP200 Challenge, then we’ll send you an official Bay Paddle hoodie and feature your story on the Bay Paddle #BayPaddle200 webpage and social media!




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