SRA Business Membership

Please consider joining other Chesapeake Bay-minded restaurants, caterers and seafood distributors throughout the Mid-Atlantic region who recycle oyster shells as members of the Shell Recycling Alliance. Here are the details:

The Oyster Recovery Partnership or one of its collection partners do not charge a fee to pick up your used oyster shells, but appreciates any events you host on our behalf to help fund the Shell Recycling Alliance.
* We request a weekly minimum of 3 to 5 buckets of shell (2 to 3 bushels) to be a participant for regular pickup.
* Oyster shells are collected using 5 gallon buckets and 32 gallon cans, with lids. ORP can provide buckets with identifying recycling labels, if needed.
* Full buckets, free of trash, should be accessible for easy pick-up.
* If you are interested in participating, click here for a registration form. For other information, please email or contact 410-990-4970.

Bushel of Oysters and Crabs(1)

ORP works hard to help Chesapeake Bay oysters and the businesses that rely on them.