Corporate Partnerships

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Join the movement to restore native oysters and bring back our beloved Chesapeake Bay. ORP welcomes the opportunity to work with conservation-minded businesses. Together, we will develop a multi-faceted partnership that aligns with your goals, engages your employees and customers, and showcases your commitment to reinstating a keystone species. For more information about these and other partnership opportunities, contact Paul Schurick, Director of Partnerships.


Why work with us? ORP is the leader in Chesapeake Bay oyster restoration, planting more than 9 billion oysters and recycling over 215,000 bushels of shell since our founding. Annually, we plant hundres-of-millions of oysters. Through years of experience, we have perfected the art and science of planting oysters. The impact of our work is widespread, including monitoring reefs’ progress, supporting the growing aquaculture industry, replenishing the public oyster fishery, innovating to improve fisheries management, performing the research that pushes oyster restoration efforts forward, and educating tens-of-thousands of people annually. We are helping the Chesapeake Bay’s oyster population slowly bounce back from historic lows.

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Corporate Partner Benefits

When you partner with ORP, you align with an effective leader. Benefits are tailored to the type and level of engagement and are designed to help you:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Engage employees
  • Make a positive impact on Bay health

Benefits and recognition are negotiable and range based annual commitment investment. Tailored partnerships and customized benefits will be developed with additional investment.

Opportunities include


SRA_Logo_2019updateOyster shell is the best, most natural material used to rebuild oyster reefs – and it’s in very short supply. Demonstrate your commitment to Bay restoration and help save this ecologically important byproduct by joining the Shell Recycling Alliance! Based on the quantity of shell, ORP will pick-up from restaurants and other seafood businesses regularly at no cost. View current SRA members.


Build business, boost awareness, rise above competition, and break into new markets through cause marketing with ORP. Together, we’ll work to create an oyster or Bay-focused promotion that will leave a lasting impression on your target market while supporting oyster restoration activities. We’ve built successful partnerships with well-known names in the food services, beverage, and apparel industries that continue to work with us year after year. Meet our brand partners.


Engage your employees with educational team building opportunities like shell recycling, oyster cage building or shell bagging, or create your own volunteer opportunities to get them directly involved in making a difference.


Connect with thousands of potential customers by sponsoring one of ORP’s signature events: World is Your Oyster Festival and National Oyster Day! Opportunities also exist for smaller events like our “Shuck Like a Pro” group shucking demonstration.


Provide critical support to ORP’s work by investing in programs that align with your business goals like conservation, education, community engagement, and water quality improvement. Or, designate a grant or in-kind gift to where support is needed most. ORP has regular need for the following:

  • Large Shell Recycling Containers
  • Copy, Printing, and Signage
  • Marine Supplies: boots, gloves, rope, etc.
  • Hauling and Transportation Services

Visit our Amazon WishList for more in-kind donation ideas.