Responsibly Stewarding Resources

The Oyster Recovery Partnership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit commissioned as part of a coalition of local, state, and federal agency partners to achieve large-scale oyster restoration. Our operating funds are sourced through grants and donations from federal, state and local governments, corporations, foundations, and private citizens. 95 percent of our funding is used directly for oyster restoration programs.


Seal of Excellence

ORP has achieved Maryland Nonprofits‘ Seal of Excellence, a signal of integrity and adherance to best practices in nonprofit management and governance. One of only 80 nonprofit organizations in Maryland to earn this honor, the Seal of Excellence is a peer-reviewed accreditation program that is recognized by foundations and GuideStar as a trusted symbol of strangth, leadership, and accountability.


Tax Information

ORP IRS Form 990 2018

ORP IRS Form 990 2017

ORP IRS Form 990 2016

Audit Information

The organization annually receives A-133 audits. (Financial reports are in pdf format)
ORP Financial Statements for 2017