We all have gifts to give. This #GivingTuesday, let’s celebrate the Chesapeake Bay’s bounty and those who work hard to bring it to our tables with a 12-hour virtual Oyster Shuck-a-Thon benefitting seafood marketing! 

#GivingTuesday, December 1, is an international celebration of generosity that calls upon all of us to simply give. What better way to honor the spirit of the day than by demonstrating our support for the Chesapeake seafood industry, hard-hit by the pandemic. COVID’s effects on restaurants have trickled down to oyster harvesters who are left with excess stock of delicious, ready-to-eat Chesapeake Bay oysters. ORP’s Shell Recycling Alliance also relies on restaurants for shell that’s reused in large-scale reef restoration projects. Restaurants, markets, suppliers, and shell recycling efforts are depending on us so this #GivingTuesday let’s do what Marylanders do best and support local seafood by eating, learning, and giving back!



Dan Worrell is a shell recycling crew member, competitive oyster shucker, and oyster entrepreneur who is passionate about the seafood industry. Watch as ORP’s own Dan Worrell attempts to SHUCK 3,000 OYSTERS in 12-hours hosted by our friends at Phillips Seafood in Baltimore! That’s FOUR PER MINUTE in case you’re wondering! Throughout the day, you’ll also meet members of Maryland’s iconic seafood industry, bay-friendly businesses, shell recycling members, and other characters who make the seafood world go round! With Dan’s fearless shucking attempt as our rallying point, let’s show Maryland seafood what it truly means to us.

There are many ways to give back on #GivingTuesday – please support ORP and help us achieve our $15,000 fundraising goal. Donations will be used to foster strong relationships between harvesters and buyers, create seafood awareness initiatives, and support our shell recycling efforts. 


8:00 – 8:03 AM: Kick-off & Welcoming Remarks

8:05 AM: Shucking Begins

8:10 AM: Appearance by Brice Phillips of Phillips Seafood

8:30 AM: Appearance by Rick Erber of Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company

9:00 AM: Appearance by Stone Slade of MD’s Best Seafood

10:00 AM: Appearance by Comptroller Franchot

10:30 AM: Appearance by John Comer Smyth Jewelers

11:00 AM: Appearance by Matt Wilmer of Chesapeake Collection

12:00 PM: Appearance by Phillips’ Sous Chef, Nima Khazaeli

1:00 PM: Appearance by Ward Slacum, Executive Director of ORP

1:15 PM: Appearance by Chris Hopkinson, Bay Paddler

1:30 PM: Birthday surprise for our shucker Dan!

2:00 PM: Appearance by Meghan Culbertson & Nicole Davis of Paul’s Place

2:45 PM: Appearance by Joe Bartenfelder and Mark Powell of MD Dept of Agriculture

3:30 PM: Appearance by Robert T. Brown, President of the Maryland Watermen’s Association

4:00 PM: Appearance by Rusty Ortiz of The QG

5:00 PM: Appearance by Ben Savage of Flying Dog Brewery

5:15 PM: Appearance byMarci Weinstein of Wither Hills Winery

6:00 PM: Appearance and Shucking Demo with Rifko Meier of Oysters XO

7:00 PM: Appearance by Nick Schauman of The Local Oyster

7:30 PM: Feature on ORP’s Shell Recycling Alliance

7:45 PM: Appearance by Gardner Douglas of the Oyster Ninja Podcast

8:00 PM: Celebration!


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how will Shuck-a-thon oysters be used?

  • The shells will be recycled by ORP’s Shell Recycling Alliance for Bay reef restoration projects
  • Phillips Seafood’s culinary team will transform some Shuck-a-Thon oysters into specialty dishes that will be featured on their Oyster Celebration Menu all week long. Proceeds benefit ORP.
  • ORP and Phillips Seafood will donate gallons of oyster stew to Paul’s Place, a nonprofit working to strengthen individuals and families in southwest Baltimore




Honor the spirit of #GivingTuesday

Phillips Seafood logoWith a week’s worth of support for the Chesapeake seafood industry! Enjoy an Oyster Celebration Menu at Phillips in Baltimore and keep the GIVING going through the weekend. Proceeds benefit ORP.


OYSTER celebration MENU

601 E. Pratt St. Baltimore, MD 21202

Order lunch or dinner from Phillips Seafood’s special Oyster Celebration Menu, featuring delectable oyster appetizers and entrees.