Harris Creek

Harris Creek Completion Photo Credit David Harp, Chesapeake Bay Journal

2015 Harris Creek Completion Event 


Complete – View the Restoration Blueprint

Restoration Stats

  • Initial Restoration (completed in 2015): 348 acres
  • Seed planted: 2.49 billion (55.52 million in 2020)

Monitoring Results

Harris Creek Header

The Harris Creek Oyster Restoration Blueprint called for monitoring three years, and again six years, after restoration. All three-year monitoring is complete; work now is focused on monitoring each reef as it turns six years old. Of the 43 six-year-old reefs monitored in Harris Creek as of the end of 2019:

  • 98% met the Oyster Metrics minimum threshold success criteria for oyster density and biomass
  • 56% met the Oyster Metrics higher target criteria for oyster density and biomass

View NOAA’s 2021 Chesapeake Bay Oyster Restoration Update for full details.

Use the interactive map below to navigate spat on shell seeding sites that occurred in Harris Creek from 2011-2015. Shapes represent actual sites seeded, and are color-coded by year seeded. Click on sites to reveal attributes such as year seeded, material used for reef base and height, and acres restored.