Harris Creek

Harris Creek is a tributary of the Choptank River and is on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It was the first tributary selected for restoration as part of the 10 tributaries by 2025 effort, which is highlighted in both the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement and Executive Order 13508- Chesapeake Bay Protection and Restoration, and is consequently the tributary where the most progress has been made. From 2011-2015, over two billion oysters have been planted on 350 acres, making it one of the largest oyster restoration projects to occur worldwide. Initial construction and planting in Harris Creek has been completed, although maintenance and monitoring will occur in the coming years.

Use the interactive map below to navigate spat on shell seeding sites that occurred in Harris Creek from 2011-2015. Shapes represent actual sites seeded, and are color-coded by year seeded. Click on sites to reveal attributes such as year seeded, material used for reef base and height, and acres restored.