HB 184

The Oyster Recovery Partnership will explain current oyster shell recycling challenges affecting Chesapeake Bay oyster restoration in support of legislation HB 184, during an upcoming Maryland House of Representatives hearing on Tuesday, February 19, at 1 p.m.

HB184 is for the purpose of allowing an individual or corporation a credit against the State income tax for each bushel of oyster shells recycled during the taxable year; requiring an individual or corporation that claims the credit to provide verification of the amount of oyster shells recycled; providing that the credit may not exceed a certain amount; providing that the credit may not be carried forward to another taxable year; requiring the Department of Natural Resources and the Comptroller jointly to adopt certain regulations; providing for the application of this Act; and generally relating to an income tax credit for oyster shell recycling.  Click here for the full bill.

For questions about this legislation, contact ORP Executive Director Stephan Abel at sabel@oysterrecovery.org