Little Nippers Club

Kids can make a difference by helping restore oysters.

If your class, scout troop or neighborhood wants to help the Oyster Recovery Partnership, here’s how to get started:
1. Decide how to help. Do you want to raise money to “Build A Reef?” Do you want to collect oyster shells or recruit restaurants to recycle their shells? Raising money and collecting shell help both ORP and the oysters of the Chesapeake Bay!
2. Make a plan for raising money or collecting shell (and make sure a grownup approves).
3. Once you have an idea (and an adult to help), let us know. We’ll offer suggestions if you like. We can also sign community service paperwork so your school or club will know how much you helped.
4. When you are done and you make your contribution, we’ll recognize you with a certificate as an Oyster Ambassador with ORP. You’ll also be invited to our annual Volunteer Appreciation Day at the Horn Point Oyster Lab Hatchery in Cambridge, Maryland.

Below is a video of the Pearl Girls, one group of kids making a difference for oysters. They had a great idea. Maybe you do too.