Shell Recycling Programs

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana received $1 million from Shell to start a pilot on shell collection that will ideally run 2 years.  This includes hiring one staff member to manage the program and a waste disposal company to pick up the shells.

Websites: Coalition website
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Oyster Restoration Projects

The following projects are led by The Nature Conservancy

Funding: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through NOAA.

Grande Isle & St. Bernard Marshes

Started restoring 3.4 miles of reef in 2010, before the Deepwater Horizon explosion.  Projects were completed in April 2013.

Vermillion Bay

A .58 mile oyster restoration used stackable 5-feet diameter concrete rings.  Phase I of III was halfway complete at the time of the Deepwater Horizon spill (2010) but they were able to complete phases at the end of 2012.  LSU is monitoring as funds are available.