Shell Recycling Programs


The Mass Oyster Project (MOP) is supporting restoration programs around the state. They also recycle shell, speak to school groups, and are working to streamline cumbersome regulation.

Cape Cod

MOP supports shell recycling in Brewster and Nantucket.

Wellfleet has an active shell recycling project and has recycled more than 3,000 tons of oyster shell. The program includes restaurants, a public drop-off program, the processing plant and the Wellfleet Oyster Fest.


The town dump accepts oyster shell which are collected and used for reef restoration.


Nantucket began a shell recycling program in 2014. They have 30 local participants and have collected over 65,000 pounds of oyster and quahog shell in their first two years. Their first oyster restoration project using the recycled shell will begin in June 2017.

Oyster Restoration Projects


The town of Wellfleet recently won the 2014 American Public Works Association project of the Year for its oyster restoration project, the backbone of which is shell recycling. The  program uses shells in bags and oyster propagation for restoration in Wellfleet Harbor.

Martha’s Vineyard

The town has its own hatchery to grow scallops and mussels. It is also working to improve water quality in a 736-acre pond by planting oysters.

Website: Tisbury Pond