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Research Projects

The Marylanders Grow Oysters program is a popular way for homeowners to get involved in oyster restoration efforts. Most ORP oyster recovery projects are large on-the-ground and in-the-water oyster recovery efforts. We are constantly evaluating and adapting methodologies to determine cost effective and efficient ways to increase productivity. We periodically undertake research initiatives with our partners to answer scientific questions to better understand an aspect of the process.

Evaluating ecosystem services of restored oyster reefs

Choptank River, Maryland
April 2009 — October 2010
The Oyster Recovery Partnership sought and received funds to evaluate the ecosystem services provided by restored oyster reefs. By filtering the water for their food, oysters naturally help to remove sediment and nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus runoff, a significant concern in the Chesapeake Bay. This ecosystem study measured nutrient absorption by oyster reef communities and could possibly lead to an estimated dollar value of these ecosystem services.  These ecosystem services may be comparable to those of wetlands and marshes. The joint study was conducted by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and the University of Maryland, College Park, and the ORP.