Oyster Anatomy

Semidiagrammatic sketch of an oyster copy

State of Maryland Board of Natural Resources, THE OYSTER, Educational Series, No. 7 (1945)

Semi diagrammatic sketch of an oyster (Dissected in left value).
A. Adductor muscle; B. Anterior end; C. Anus; D. Auricle; E. Anterior aorta; F. Dorsal aspect; G. Gills; H. Hinge ligament; I. Intestine; J. Liver; K. Mantle; L. Nerve; M. Mouth; N. Oesophagus; O. Palps; P. Pericardial cavity; Q. Posterior aorta; R. Posterior end; S. Reproductive glands; T. Shell; U. Stomach; V. Tentacle; W. Ventricle; Z. Ventral aspect.