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Welcome! The Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) leads oyster restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay. Our oyster Shell Recycling Alliance reclaims oyster shell from restaurants and other seafood businesses. Instead of dumping oyster shell in landfills, we recycle and return it – with baby oysters attached – to the Chesapeake Bay where it helps keep the Bay clean and vibrant!

Do you know how much water oysters filter? A single, healthy adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day?

ORP is the nation’s largest shell recycling network, annually recycling 36,000 bushels of oyster shell from 340 restaurants and 70 public drop sites in the mid-Atlantic region and contributing to oyster restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay. Click below to see how you can help!


Everyone benefits from a healthy Chesapeake Bay. Poor water quality and declining habitats can be reversed. Oysters are the answer.

Discover more about oysters and our work below