Shell Recycling Tips

Thank you for your interest in shell recycling. Please remember these tips so your recycled shell can help the Oyster Recovery Partnership in its important restoration work.

Recyling Tips
*Separate shell from trash. Shell mixed with trash is not suitable for recycling.
* Dump the shells from bags or containers and leave only shells in the bins.
* It is illegal to put freshly shucked oyster shell into local waterways. To avoid contamination, shell should be recycled through one of our recycling centers. We clean and age the recycled shell for a year to make sure it is safe for use in our field operations.
* Firmly close the lids of the container (to prevent smells and damage from wind and rain).
* Do not remove shell from container.

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Shoreline Shells Low Tide

Recycled shell is the best material to restore oyster reefs.