Shell Transport Bids

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Request for Bid: 2022 Wild Seed, Shell and Spat on Shell Transport and Planting

The Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) is seeking qualified bidders to support the transport and deployment of Wild Seed, Shell and Spat on Shell (SOS) onto selected areas throughout the Maryland portion of Chesapeake Bay. This solicitation identifies two distinct project types for qualified bidders to consider.

Project A– Transport shucked shell and/or wild seed (pending seed is available) from Virginia (Bevans Oyster Company) or other locations and plant it onto selected areas designated by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDNR).

Project B– Transport spat on shell (SOS) to pre-determined restoration sites throughout Maryland’s tributaries.

Please read the proposal and project requirements carefully as there may be specific requirements that apply to only one project type. In addition, there are multiple projects for 2022 as well as additional project requirements. Failure to follow rules as outlined and presented in the documents will result in your bid being disqualified.

See the Request for Bid here.

Request for Bid: 2022 Production and Delivery of Spat on Shell to Maryland Public Oyster Bars

This bid is open to all commercial Maryland entities who are able to produce and deliver spat on shell to the public fishery areas in Maryland waters and who meet the minimum production and planting qualifications set forth by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (“MD DNR”). Please note, as of 3-29-22 there have been updates to RFP and deadline to apply.

See the 2022 Request for Bid