Style Guide

ORP style Guide, updated Feb. 17, 2013

Main headlines on each page are Style 3.
Subheads are regular size, but bold.
No punctuation in headlines or subheads (no exclamation points, etc.)

All photos need captions with complete sentences. Do not upload full size photos as they corrupt the pages. Re-size photos to no larger than 600 by 500 pixels. This provides big photos on website, but not so big as to alter template of page.

All photos should have captions, in complete sentences. You can use ORP in captions, but use Chesapeake Bay on first reference.

All links that take viewers outside the ORP website should open in new windows. Those that redirect to another page in ORP website should open in the same window.

Commonly used terms:
Chesapeake Bay: Use full name on first reference on every page. Bay (upper case) for second reference. Use full name only in quotes on second reference.
Oyster Recovery Partnership: Use full name on first reference on every page. ORP  second reference. Use full name only in quotes on second reference.
Horn Point Oyster Lab Hatchery: for lab.
Nonprofit: no hyphen
Wholesalers: Not whole salers or wholesellers
YouTube: one word


In general, use exaggerated, impact punctuation very sparingly. Exclamation points, bold-face text, italics and all-caps words should be reserved for very specific marketing impacts and decided upon by the Director of Communications.
Commas: Use commas for all numbers larger than 999.
Ellipses: put space between periods so it looks like an ellipses: “We all love to restore . . . and eat oysters” not “We all love to restore…and eat oysters.”
Times: 8 a.m. is correct, not 8am
Use an em dash – instead of two short dashes —
Percent: Spell out percent in text (per AP and Chicago style).

For Board and Staff pages, use first names on second reference. Generally allow board members to put titles in upper case as this is their bio. Avoid references that will need frequent updates, such as “have worked for three years…” Instead say “has worked since 2010…” Once a year (DATE HERE) ask board members and staff to review bio for updates. (There are many children, grandchilrden, hometowns, etc. mentioned and numbers may change.)

Updates: The following pages have to be updated when new numbers are released on shell recycled, acreage planted, etc. Pages listed at bottom need other periodic updates, for dates:

Home page
ORP, Anne Arundel County Announce Drop-Off Locations to Recycle Oyster Shells (press release, but ORP statement at the bottom requires update)
Shell Recycling Alliance Page
Who Are We Page
About ORP
Program Sponsorship
Oyster Restoration
ORP Supports FirstMarylandOyster Shell Recycling Bill
Marylanders Grow Oysters: Updates on this page relate to MGO programs, not the numbers above
Aquaculture & Seed: Update for dates.