Support SRA

banner-4Since ORP’s Shell Recycling Alliance was established seven years ago, we have recycled more than 114,000 bushels of shell. That’s 4,000 tons of shell kept out of area landfills and enough substrate to enhance 180 acres of oyster reef in the Chesapeake Bay!

We are able to offer this service free of charge thanks to grant funding and the generosity of our donors. We ask that you might consider making a tax-deductible donation in support of the Shell Recycling Alliance. Your contribution will go directly toward daily operations, such as maintenance and fuel for our trucks, and purchasing supplies like buckets and recycling cans.

Now more than ever, we depend on the support of our sponsors to continue our important work. Thank you in advance for supporting ORP in our quest to restore life in the Chesapeake Bay, and ensure its future for generations to come.