Tred Avon River


Restoration c0mplete – view the Restoration Blueprint

Restoration Stats

  • Initial Restoration Complete: 92.45 acres (5.45 acres in 2020)
  • Seed planted: 460.4 million (20.4 million in 2020)

Monitoring Results

Tred Avon River

  • 10 three-year-old reefs were monitored in the Tred Avon in the fall of 2019
  • 80% met the minimum threshold for oyster density (15 oyster per m2 over 30% of the reef area), and 30% met the higher, ideal target density (50 oysters per m2 over 30% of the reef area)
  • 100% met other biological and structural metrics:
    • Multiple year class – Presence of multiple year classes on the reef, as defined by oysters in at least two of the following size classes: market (>76 mm); small (40-75 mm); spat (<40 mm)
    • Reef height – Stable or increasing reef height compared to baseline
    • Reef footprint criteria – Stable or increasing reef footprint compared to baseline

View NOAA’s 2021 Chesapeake Bay Oyster Restoration Update for full details.